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About Diabetes Treatment

Overview of diabetes treatment

1Details of the treatment
We will prepare to treat you, the diabetes patient, first through cultivating adequate number of cells by making use of stem cells extracted from your own adipocyte. We would then have these cells administered to you through intravenous injection.
2Characteristics and effectiveness of the treatment
This treatment is effective as it does not use man-made materials or cells from other people, but instead uses stem cells derived from your own adipocyte, so risk of allergic reaction is not there.
3Expected results
By administering stem cells derived from adipocyte, restoration of functionalities of pancreatic islet β cells that were damaged or have become dysfunctional as a result of diabetic conditions will be achieved. Inflammation that is caused by diabetes will also be controlled by substances secreted from stem cells derived from adipocyte. All these would lead to effective improvements to your conditions.
4Effectiveness and potential of the regenerative medicine therapy of diabetes
(Comparison with existing cost of treatment)
Although the method of treatment follows the symptom, in Type 1 diabetes, which occurs as a result of damaged pancreatic islet β, they would often administer insulin injections. However, with this insulin injection method it must be administered regularly and continuously, which is a significant burden on the patients. Moreover, symptoms temporarily improve but the damaged pancreatic islet β cells are not restored, and it is impossible to cure diabetes from its roots.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and your body does not use insulin properly. Your lifestyle could be improved by dietotherapy or kinesitherapy, your blood glucose level could be lowered and insulin secretion could be increased by taking medicine. Insulin injections may also be available, depending on the symptom. However, these treatments aim to control the symptoms caused by diabetes and do not tackle the fundamental reasons that cause diabetes.

In our treatment, we restore the functions of pancreatic islet β cells that are damaged or have become dysfunctional. Inflammation that is caused by diabetes will also be controlled by substances secreted from stem cells derived from adipocyte and there is a possibility that diabetes symptoms would be eliminated.
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