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To patients suffering from diabetes:

Yasushi Cho

According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey conducted in 2016, about 10 million people are suffering from diabetes with around the same number in the diabetes mellitus preliminary group. Diabetes has no cure. When left unattended, it will cause complications such as retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy. In the terminal stage, you may lose your eyesight or may require dialysis treatment. In addition, diabetes is known to trigger the onset and development of stroke and ischemic heart disease. As the society as a whole age, so will the number of patients in these categories of illness.
Today, the basic method of treatment is said to be dietotherapy and kinesitherapy. Pharmacotherapy, including insulin injections, may also be available, depending on the symptom or complications. Still today, diabetes patient must follow strictly the restrictions placed on them without falling behind or slacking off from the prescribed lifestyle regime.

At our clinic, we have launched our private practices of Stem Cells Regenerative Treatment. This field is presently receiving a much deserving attention in the medical world and is undergoing an immense transformation with new research outcomes being reported as we speak.
Because regenerative treatment is a type of treatment that uses cells and tissues, it will open new path for curing diabetes induced illnesses, many of which were not being treated until now. Medical science is undergoing a rapid progress, and we are convinced that regenerative medicine through the use of stem cells will soon play a central role in this world of medicine.

Do get in touch with us if you are looking for a new possibility in treating diabetes.
We will, through adequate time given, hear from you the symptoms you are experiencing. Once we have a diagnosis we will, together with you and your family, discuss the possibilities of treatment including those of regenerative treatment options. The decision will be one that the patient him/herself would feel right about.
Through our relentless endeavor in regenerative medical therapy, we aim to relieve the symptoms of our patients and play a role in realizing a healthy and long life for each and every one of you, the patients of diabetes mellitus.

Medical Corporation Yuushikai
Chairman of the Board:
Yasushi Cho

In Search of the Cure – trusting the Potential of Regenerative Medicine

Kandai Kamekawa

“Do I have to take this medicine for my whole life, Doc.?”
Many patients have asked us this question. In reality, those diagnosed with chronic diseases such as diabetes must be on medication for the rest of their lives, with regular visits to the medical institutions.

Medical technology has had a significant advance in the past century. Up until 100 years ago, many people had lost their lives because of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia and gastroenteritis (typhoid fever & dysentery). However, the advent of antimicrobial agents has changed the situation. Today, few people lose their lives from such diseases. Indeed, they are now “curable diseases”.

Furthermore, the introduction of anesthetic drugs has relieved the pain of surgeries. Many surgeons believed that diseases could be cured by removing the niduses. The combined effort of antimicrobial agents and surgeries ought to cure most diseases, theoretically speaking.

Today, the number one cause of death of the Japanese is cancer. However, removing the nidus will not necessarily cure it. Cancer is trailed by heart diseases, pneumonia (majority patients being those who are bedridden) and then cerebrovascular diseases, majority of which are triggered by arteriosclerosis, and about the same number of people as cancer die from these causes.
Prevention and management of arteriosclerotic diseases is essential for one to live healthily. There are numerous factors that lead to arteriosclerosis. It is important to know how to deal with chronic diseases, in particular in managing diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease.
The treatment of diabetes is to focus on the prevention of complications resulting from diabetes. Therefore, a lifelong dietary management, drug treatment and the doctor’s counsel are all needed. It is a disease that needs to be managed as it cannot be cured.
Given the above, regenerative medicine that uses stem cells to restore the functions of tissues and organs plays a role complementary to the conventional method of treatment. It is expected to treat refractory diseases or to deal with patients with chronic conditions that would otherwise require a life-long medical attention. We have hopes that it will enable us to cure all diseases.
Our clinic is the only clinic in Japan that has been accepted by the government as a facility that uses regenerative medicine for the treatment of diabetes. We will continue to devote our resources to regenerative medicine and lessen the burden of the symptoms of diabetes in our patients, thereby assisting them in the recovery of their Quality of Life (QOL).

Medical Corporation Yuushikai Tsubasa Hello Dental Clinic & Internal Medicine Clinic
(Institute of Diabetes & Regenerative Medicine)
Kandai Kamekawa

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